A Planetary initiative for climate action

Our 22nd Century (2100-2199) Focused Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP): Build an oasis of wisdom and empathy on the desert of information in order to galvanize unify and fraternize Generation Z (2.6 billion) as earth citizens by promoting and mainstreaming deep ecology & ecological universalism.

Our Vision: The Earth Cup Initiative aspires to be a major accelerator of post-pandemic grand reset of the world fraternized and unified by the holy trinity of economy, ecology and humanity, healed and enlightened by a renewed biosphere consciousness, committed to fostering  a greener, wiser and fairer world for all aligned with the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Mission: The mission of the Earth Cup Initiative is to resurrect, ignite and universalize the sense of the sacred by delivering enlightenment through entertainment. The Earth Cup initiative in its radical design, format, content, marketing and execution, aims to be a game-changer in the fight against climate change. The unifying power of sports, specially football (soccer) commanding 5 billion fans, will be harnessed through smart use of the latest mobile and digital technologies on and off the pitch to generate transformative impact on global consciousness. This Planetary Initiative for Climate Action shall be a catalyst for universal adoption and dissemination  of a scientifically robust cosmic perspective on coexistence, collective survival and success. Armed with a new social media platform designed to enthuse and infuse billions of sports fans and Generation Z-ers with cosmic consciousness ("I am because we are."), we shall forge collaborative and strategic partnership with the most influential sustainability organizations in the world, to achieve measurable exponential and accelerated impacts on 5 overarching target goals represented by Climate, Children, Character, Compassion and Coexistence.