CongratulationS to Minister of Environment of Sri Lanka

The Earth Cup, the management, patrons and advisers of 1 Earth Holdings Inc. extend their hearty congratulations to Hon. Naseer Ahamed, M.P. on his appointment as Special Envoy of the President and the Minister of Environment of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. A trusted confidante of H.E. President Ranil Wickremsinghe, Naseer Ahamed is a key participant and stakeholder in the forthcoming ecocentric vision and grand strategy of post debt crisis Sri Lanka aimed at transforming this island state ravaged by the shifting sands of geopolitics and facing multidimensional existential threats stemming from carbon colonialism into a geo-ecological pivot connecting and unifying the Indo-Pacific and the Euro-Atlantic.

The Founder and Chief Ecological Officer of 1 Earth Holdings takes this opportunity to congratulate H.E. President Ranil Wickremsinghe for his wise decision of entrusting Hon. Naseer Ahamed with the environment portfolio in his economic war cabinet. We believe this appointment will be a game-changer for advancing Sri Lanka's climate agenda on the global stage, specially on the existential imperative of aligning climate finance with climate justice.

The architect of The Earth Cup initiative has known Hon. Naseer Ahamed since 1986 as a fellow student and a bosom friend at the world renowned King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. For 4 years they lived as next door neighbors at the KFUPM dormitory, and a soul connection developed between them that endures till today.

Naseer Ahamed was a star student, a born leader and a spark plug at KFUPM. All fellow students who hobnobbed with him will attest to his God-gifted talent, generosity, humility and magnetic personality as a natural leader at the drop of a hat! Multilingual, cosmopolitan, a mesmerizing قَارِئ Naseer is infinitely blessed to be a حافظ القرآن since age 8.

Naseer Ahmed is a rising star in the dazzling galaxy of KFUPM alumni, including citizens of Saudi Arabia and many other countries, who have achieved commanding leadership positions and are destined to make phenomenal impact in the fight against climate change and in catalyzing & accelerating the post-pandemic great reset towards an ecocentric world. Most notable of all KFUPM alumni is HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman Al Saud, Minister of Energy of Saudi Arabia, who is the leading voice and the most powerful proponent in the world of Circular Carbon Economy (CCE) aimed at establishing a balance of the carbon cycle. We sincerely hope HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman Al Saud will find in Sri Lanka's new Minister of Environment a huge strategic partner for the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI).

The Earth Cup is blessed to have Naseer Ahamed as a member of our Global Advisory Board.

The founder of The Earth Cup is fortunate to have planted the seed for Sri Lanka's 100-Year Ecological Vision for the Indian Ocean Region under the leadership of H.E. President Ranil Wickremsinghe which we believe is going to supercharge UN chief's recent call to action for a Climate Marshall Plan from an Indian Ocean perspective, backed by the combined GDP of $14 Trillion ($29 Trillion in PPP) of 23 member states of the Indian Ocean Rim Association, with a population of 2.4 billion.

Naseer Ahamed with Saiful Amin Bhuiyan (KBS, KFUPM, 1990) in Colombo.
A connection of soul cemented in 1986!