Secular & Sacred Declarations

The fate of mankind, as well as religion, depends on the emergence of a new faith in the future. Armed with such a faith, we might find it possible to resanctify the earth.

Al Gore

Can Almighty Dollar save global climate (Biosphere)? How can the doomsday machine of global economy be weaned off of the fantasy of prosperity without consequence? A Creel Indian Prophecy (a native American saying) answered this existential question for economists; scroll down to read the prophecy.

A deep-seated sense of the sacred is the common core of adherents of all theistic and non-theistic faiths. Our ENDOW (Enlightened New Definition of Wealth) inspired and infused infotainment and transformation delivery model, which we call Enligtoxidation (enlightenment + oxidation), fortified with deep ecology content, shall unleash the unifying power of sports, chiefly soccer, and galvanize the larger reservoir of consciousness, the cosmic orchestra, of billions of latent ecological citizens to catalyze a grand reset in global relations, priorities and the management of global commons.