Civilizational Flags of The Earth Cup

Universal Flag of The Earth Cup

The flag of the Earth Cup shall be the unifying centerpiece of the rituals of Transformative Football - the cynosure of the planned Milky Way events. The flag as designed represents an unprecedented post-nationalistic biogeographical worldview, capturing the Earth's fine-tuned and intertwined ecosystems.

12 stars represent 7 continents & 5 oceans; 2 red stars represent red alert for climate emergency; the yellow stripe represents the Sun - our solar family; the white stripe represents the Moon as well as the polar ice cap and the Antarctic ice sheet; the upper portion of the green stripe represents the Amazon Rainforest; the lower portion represents all other terrestrial ecosystems and biomes, including other tropical rainforest, monsoon forest, temperate deciduous forest, grassland, savanna (grass savanna & tree savanna), dry & temperate steppe, shrubland, coniferous forest. high plateaus, boreal forest, tundra, desert, oceanic planktons, coral reef, etc.

The blue background represents the Earth's marine ecosystems covering 71% of the surface of the Earth and accounting for more than 97% of Earth's water supply.

Civilizational Flags of The Earth Cup

We shall have civilizational flags for all 3 Abrahamic faiths as well as other non-Abrahamic faiths.

All other flags are being redesigned with the 3 stripes.