Alchemy of Impact

Earth Cup - A Planetary Initiative for Climate Action, an initiative of 1 Earth Holdings Inc., will abide by and certainly surpass the following five guiding principles of Sports for Climate Action Initiative of UN Climate Change, which are inspired by the International environment Treaty a.k.a United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), in order to mainstream climate action and create impacts on all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • Principle 1: Undertake systematic efforts to promote greater environmental responsibility;

  • Principle 2: Reduce overall climate impact;

  • Principle 3: Educate for climate action;

  • Principle 4: Promote sustainable and responsible consumption;

  • Principle 5: Advocate for climate action through communication.

The Earth Cup initiative has been inspired by the Einsteinian canon that posits that we can not solve our (existential) problems with the same level of thinking that created them. The Earth's biospheric ecosystem is undergoing progressive collapse and heading toward a global tipping point due to unabated tyranny of siloed thinking and unyielding functioning of the global economy like a doomsday machine.

One of the most creative and proprietary features of the Earth Cup events and competitions will be what the founder has called "Ecopsychological Thematic Immersion" (where Ecology shall assume a much broader and deeper architecture than conceived by the architects of the Paris Agreement) which will inject the rocket fuel for the Alchemy of Impact that will spark off a sea change in collective consciousness, by unleashing a sense of cosmic wonder, that we hope to be able to nourish, nurture and sustain through a very creative social network platform.


  • Endorsements (Yes)

  • Sovereign Patronage (ongoing campaign with significant progress)

  • Soccer Diplomacy

  • Asianization of Football

  • MLS USA Gameplan

  • China's Soccer Supremacy & Climate Agenda

  • Biosphere Defending Architecture

  • 1Earth (seismic & ultra-imaginative short-duration collective consciousness targeted unifying event)

  • Marine Sacrarium (SIDS)

  • Gen Z Projects

  • Google Strategy (Google as an adjective)

  • Arctic Strategy

  • New Silk Road

  • Inaugural Event & Venue Strategy

  • Transformative & Disruptive Social Media Paradigm & Architecture

  • AI