champion of the earth  Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina




"If my government can arrange food for over one hundred sixty million people of Bangladesh, we would also be able to feed one million people more (referring to one million Rohingya refugees sheltered in Bangladesh)”.  - Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

1 Earth Holdings Inc. is profoundly grateful to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for supporting the Earth Cup Initiative (Letter of Interest from the Ministry of Youth & Sports, March 9, 2020). The letter of interest was issued at her directive. 1 Earth Holdings Inc. is resolute in their commitment to fulfilling the treasured wish of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to organize an Earth Cup event in Dhaka as soon as it is logistically possible to execute in a post-Covid environment in the near future. 

"I am not yet dead, but they have lit my candles." 

One idea lights a thousand candles. The Earth Cup is an idea whose time has come. As declared in our Massive Transformative Purpose statement, the chariot we have mounted is powered by the North Star - beaconing a high-altitude vision for the 22nd century, not the 21st, that will inspire Generation Z to synchronize success with stewardship.  We have earned and created a treasure trove of intangibles, and designed a creative & scalable kick, click and mortar impact infrastructure that will catalyze milestone by milestone a paradigm shift to stewardship thinking as the dominant new normal globally. - Founder